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AEEDC Dubai Awards

There has been tremendous growth within the dental industry in recent years and the AEEDC Scientific Advisory Committee and stakeholders are delighted to recognize the distinguished leaders and innovators within the world of oral heath.

The AEEDC Dubai 2015 Awards are designed to show appreciation by recognizing the significant achievements of both individuals and organisations and their outstanding contributions to oral health.

AEEDC Award Winners 2014


1 – AEEDC Dubai Personality of the Year Award 2015

This is an annual award, which is granted to the person that has made a significant contribution to oral health on a global scale. The nominees and the winner will be selected by the AEEDC Awards Committee.

Click here for the AEEDC Award 2015 Nomination Form


2 – The Year’s Most Significant Contribution to Oral Health

This award is granted annually to an institution or a corporation that has made a significant contribution to oral health on a global scale. The nominees and the winner will be selected by the AEEDC Awards Committee.


3 – AEEDC Young Researcher Award

This award is designed to acknowledge the young talent within the field of Dental Science and will allow the young dentists to share their ideas, innovations and observations with world class institutions and authorities in the oral health field, by simply providing them with the deserved exposure, an enlightening experience will be achieved for all parties.

Through this endeavour we encourage the young researchers in the field of Dental Science to contribute their accomplished studies, thus bringing the informative benefits to all oral health professionals participating in the AEEDC Dubai event.

The single winner for the AEEDC Young Researcher Award will be entitled to the following.

  • Admission to AEEDC Dubai 2016
  • 4 Nights Accommodation (provided by AEEDC Dubai Organizer)
  • Admission to 1 AEEDC Advanced Speciality Course of his/her choice.
  • Certificate of participation.

Please note that all nominees will receive a certificate of participation
Click here to view the AEEDC Young Researcher Award Participants for 2014
Click here to download the AEEDC Young Researcher Award Application Form 2015


4 – AEEDC Best Speaker Award

This award seeks to recognize the “Champion” presenter of the year; all AEEDC Dubai conference speakers’ names will be automatically included in this competition. The best speaker should be the most popular and attract the biggest number of attendees; he/she should get the highest recognition from the audience.The winner will be officially announced by the AEEDC Awards Committee after the final counting of “audience” votes. Recognition certificate and trophy will be presented to the winner.Announcement of the winner will be through the following:

  • Personal correspondence with the winner
  • AEEDC Dubai website.
  • AEEDC Dubai 2014 Report.
  • Wall of Recognition during AEEDC Dubai 2015.


5 – Excellence in Clinical Equipment Award

This Award commemorates the dental clinic product/equipment that is a revolutionary breakthrough in the professional oral care, or has achieved groundbreaking improvement to an existing product. The winner will be selected by the AEEDC Awards Committee.Criteria for selection:

  • Innovation or modernization of existing equipment, materials, or instruments.
  • Outstanding quality of production.
  • Safety of product.
  • “A” to “Z” time.
  • Simplicity of steps.

Click here to download the Excellence in Clinical Equipment Award Application form


6 – Best AEEDC Dubai Booth Design Award

Selection of this award will be through participants’ voting on a daily basis.The votes will be collected by the exhibitors themselves and handed over to AEEDC organizers everyday of the event.


7 – Best AEEDC Dubai Booth Activities Award

The best booth activity will be through participants’ voting on a daily basis.The votes will be collected by the exhibitors themselves and handed over to AEEDC organizers on a daily basis.


8 – Best Clinical Photo Award


The purpose of this award category is to celebrate the necessity of details in dentistry and to appreciate effective and beautiful documentation work.



AEEDC Dubai Best Photo Award is in form of a competition, where applicants can submit as many as 5 photos for committee consideration.



AEEDC Dubai 2014 is the first event for the Best Photo Award, the year 2014 will celebrate only one category “The Best Intraoral/Extra-oral Photo”.


Future Categories

In addition to the Intraoral/Extra-oral Photo, there are 2 planned categories for subsequent years starting from 2015, these are “Workplace” and “People” categories.


Who can apply?

Any dentist, dental student, hygienist, dental technicians, and dental assistant who have given attention to details and taken the time and placed effort to have the ideal photo documentation, and consider their work to be good enough to receive an award.


When to apply

The timeline to apply for the 2015 awards will be announced shortly after the 2014 event.


The images must be in jpg or Jpeg formats, a title and date is necessary for each image, please note that it is possible that the committee will ask for a higher resolution for final decision making process. Entries that have won any competitions or awards can not be considered, any such work must be declared. A 50 word description of each image is mandatory to understand the work and consideration.

It is advised to remember the following points for better results in the award competition:

Originality of the work, creativity, Impact, excellent visual elements, colour and light balance, sharpness and contrast, serving the purpose for which the picture is taken.


By submitting your work to the committee as part of the Photo Awards, you consent to their use in whichever way (not clinical, not part of a CPD) the committee finds suitable in connection with the Photo Awards, their publicity and exposure, including but not limited to publications both hard and soft version, and as well as media. Any other purpose for the use of the image(s) needs prior consent of the owner/applicant.



In case of an image that features a face, the person appearing in the image must give a written consent understanding and agreeing to the Award and Copyright conditions.


All committee decisions in relation to the winner(s) selection are final and not debatable.




Dubai Drink Technology Expo is an event owned and organised by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Org. Est. (“INDEX”). Event registration fees are to be paid/settled directly in favour of INDEX. INDEX does not authorize any third party/company to collect fees or to do any other transactions whatsoever on its behalf. All event correspondences are to be addressed to the Dubai Drink Technology Expo representatives.