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AEEDC Student Competition

Competition is a major factor in education on a global scale, national education systems, intend to bring out the best in the next generation, by involving students in educational intellectual competitions and offering them incentives for self-improvement.

AEEDC Student Competition provided a unique opportunity to all dental students in their last academic years to actively interact with their counterparts from different dental colleges and universities through a face-to-face competition, with a vision of exchanging information, knowledge and expanding their horizons on various issues of dentistry. Competing students will be challenged to engage with Dental questions in various subjects ranging from Infection Control and Four Handed Dentistry to Implantology and Oral Surgery. The competitor teams will strive for one goal which is winning the AEEDC Knowledge Champion.


AEEDC KNOWLEDGE CHAMPION 2014:  RAK College of Dental Sciences



Venue: Exhibition Hall


  • To involve dental students in AEEDC Dubai programs.
  • To create interaction among dental students of different institutions.
  • To expand their knowledge in various issues in dentistry by active participation.
  • To support and shape up the knowledge hunting sense of the future dentists.
  • To develop an exciting environment and cohesion among dental students.

Participants for 2014

Alfarabi college of Dentistry and Nursing Libyan International Medical University
Team Supervisor: Dr Bassel tarakji, Dr Kusai Baroudi Team Supervisor: Dr. Rafiq Elquafi
Team Members: Team Members:
  • Abdalla eloteby
  • Mahmoud elraghy
  • Abd elrahman elnoby
  • Mosfir said ayed elalyany
  • Mohamed elkarny
  • Meneum A Shembesh
  • Lojain M Badi
  • Ibrahim H Eljroushi
  • Ausam H Gargoum
  • Farah Elsanousi Taher
RAK College of Dental Sciences Saratov State Medical University n.a. V.I. Razumovsky
Team Supervisor: Dr. Osama Khattak Team Supervisor: Dr. Karabushin Victor
Team Members: Team Members:
  • Tarek Mohammed Kamel
  • Noora Walid Khalid S Alqassimi
  • Meshal Adeel
  • Mohammed Danish
  • Ghazal Arshad
  • Suetenkova Daria
  • Kulebiakin Sergei
  • Gordeev Alexander
  • Mironov Aleksei
  • Ratohina Sonia
University of Sharjah Oman Dental College
Team Supervisor: Dr. Manal Awad Team Supervisor: Dr. Azza Khalid Al Shidhani
Team Members: Team Members:
  • Afnan Ahmed Webair
  • Aisha Mohamed Alsafi
  • Faraj M Edher
  • Jihad Al Basha
  • Nadine Nasser Ghattas
  • Ms. Noof Ali Fael Juma Al Araimi
  • Ms. Lubna Juma Salim Nasser Al Mukhaini
  • Mr. Mohammed Salem Masad Suroor Al Yaarabi
  • Mrs. Marah Alae Naif Al Beina
  • Ms. Khadira Said Mohammed Ali Al Awaisi

5th AEEDC Student Competition General Guidelines & Regulations

It’s our pleasure to conduct the 5th AEEDC Student Competition during the 18th UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition – AEEDC Dubai, which is scheduled to be held from 4 – 6 February 2014, at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre. AEEDC Student Competition provides opportunities to all dental students in their clinical practice stage a unique opportunity to interact with their peers, share experiences and get exposed to work in collaboration with other students and under the supervision of faculty members. Generally, the students are challenged to engage with Dental questions divided into two groups: group one will be correlated to AEEDC Conference Lectures, group two will be correlated to Clinical Dentistry submitted by each participating university and as team students will work to answer these questions.Your College is welcome to participate with us through nominating 5 students to be part of the competition, In this respect the college name will be part of all the promotional campaign related to the competition, its name will be carried in all our e-flyers, newsletters and other advertising materials and campaign. The College logo will be also placed on AEEDC website with hyperlink to the university website.
Venue: Exhibition Hall (Behind Hall No 8, Pavilion- Area)
General Guidelines and Regulations:
  • AEEDC Student Competition is open to all public and private dental colleges.
  • Academic team is made up of (5) students which will be nominated from each university to be part of the competition.
  • Participants must be bonafide students from the representing dental college.
  • Participants must be in clinical practice stage (fourth or fifth academic year)
  • Each team is supervised by one faculty member from the same university.
  • The faculty member supervisor will nominate one team leader (captain) from the five students to be the representative of the team while answering the questions.
  • All participants should be registered in the conference.
  • A draw process will select the competing teams in the preliminary round and will be announced to the participants of the competition.
  • The teams qualifying for the final round are the teams with the higher scorings.
  • The winner team will be the team which collects the higher points in the Final round.
Competition Mechanics:
The competition will be composed of three rounds: – Elimination ,Semi Final & Final Rounds:
Elimination Rounds: This will be conduct on 4th February from 14:00-17:00, it will consist of three round as the following: (A random electronic draw process had selected the competing teams in the elimination round) :
Round 1: Round 2: Round 3:
Sharjah University, College of Dentistry Libyan International Medical University Alfarabi College of Dentistry and Nursing
RAK College of Dental Sciences Oman Dental College Saratov State Medical University n.a.V.I
Final Round: This will be conduct on the 5th of February from 14:00-17:00; the winner from each round will play against each other as the following:
Competition Policy:
  1. All (5) representatives of each dental college will work to answer the questions as a group including the captain student, who will deliver the answer
  2. Questions will be related to AEEDC conference program lectures and Clinical Dentistry submitted by each participating university
  3. The conference questions and answers will be from the speakers themselves and they are the only reference
  4. The Clinical Dentistry questions submitted by each participating universities will be cross checked by independent academics
  5. The conference questions will be from the respective session previous to each round, i.e.: The morning session of each day
  6. Questions shall be in multiple choice forms
  7. Each round will be composed of (10) questions, (5) questions for each team random from AEEDC Conference Lectures and questions submitted by each participating university
  8. In case of incorrect answer, the question will not be transferred to the other team
  9. Each question will be worth (1) point
  10. Students have thirty seconds to discuss with each other before the team captain will deliver the answer
  11. In case of tie, each team will have (1) tie breaker question, if both answered correctly, the process will be repeated
  12. Any team caught to any act of cheating or any form of dishonesty shall automatically be disqualified
  13. Participating teams members are expected to present their University in a professional manner, any socially unacceptable behavior will result in automatic disqualification of their team from the competition.
Judging Criteria:
Evaluation of each group on the basis of:
  1. Accurate qualified answers.
  2. Ability to answer questions without hesitation.
  3. General poise and demeanor.
  1. The best scoring team will be declared as AEEDC KNOWLEDGE CHAMPION 2014
  2. Each member student of the champion team will received 1000 AED
  3. Free registration for AEEDC Dubai 2015 for each member student of the champion team
  4. Certificate of competition participation will be given to all team members
  5. Invitation to AEEDC Dubai Night on 5th of February 2014 for all teams’ members.

For more details,please contact:

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