B2B Meetings

The DDTE B2B Meetings service is designed to help you arrange your appointments prior to the start of the exhibition.

Doing so allows you to explore possible business opportunities, maximize your networking activities, and help you make the most out of your participation in DDTE.

For this service to bear fruit for all parties, we have set some rules for everyone to abide by.

B2B request can be made from exhibitors, buyers and other participant prior to the exhibition in order to meet in the exhibition or DDTE designated B2B area. That means, you will be able to meet many people as possible in your exhibition days and spend the exhibition time more efficiently.

How it Works

You will be able to log-on to our B2B online platform once you have registered for the event. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be able to see who will be attending and you will be able to arrange meetings with one another. The Credentials you may be required to enter are:

  • Email Address
  • Reference Number

Your contribution will be relevant and help create maximum business opportunities. Please remember that disrespecting these rules can result in the removal from this platform.

Our dedicated team are always on hand to provide assistant that is specific to your company! Please let us know if you are facing any challenges by contacting our dedicated Team.


  • Communication needs to be relevant to the event
  • Demonstrate respect in all communication with clients, exhibitors, staff, customers and others
  • Use the platform to develop and maintain effective relationships, mutual trust and confidence
  • Seek assistance from event organizer or other persons if required.


  • Do not push if you dont get any response
  • Do not exceed maximum allowed meeting
  • Don’t Say You Offer Something You Don’t