Beverage Awards

Great opportunity has opened up for small and large beverage producers to highlight the success of their products and businesses. They will be recognized as “the best of the best” to both consumers and the industry, which can help boost sales and distribution locally and overseas in variety of regional and global markets for presenting best Products and Practices.

In association with the Arab Asian Beverage Alliance, the Awards will present companies that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and superior performance in the Beverage Industry.

Registrations begins

1st July, 2018

Nomination Deadline

5th February, 2019

Results Announced

28th February, 2019

Previous AABA Awards Winners 

The “Best Practices in Quality Control” Award
The “Best Imported Water” Award
The “Best Nutritional Drink” Award
The “Best Naturally Produced UAE Water” Award
The “Best Flavour Range” Award
The “Best Ingredient Innovation” Award
The “Best Packaging Design” Award
The “Best Water with Unique Ingredient” Award

Achievement Stories 

Achievement Stories

Dr. James Laporta of StreamDrink Sarl Speaking after receiving an award in the “Middle East Beverage Award ”. StreamDrink Sarl was the Winners of the “Best New Innovation”  awards in recognition of its creativity and best value as well as the bespoke packaging that allows for the best package delivery.

How to Enter

  • Click on the button below to “Enter the Awards”
  • Enter your details into the form:
    – Choose which award category or categories you would like to enter.
    – If you are entering several products, you will need to complete a separate form for each entry.
  • click “Submit”
  • We will send you an email to acknowledge your entry once you have submitted it. We may well follow up with further questions.

You will need the following details ready for each entry:

  • Your contact details
  • Details about your product, company or individuals to enter into each form.
  • Supporting documentation, photographs or images
  • Your client’s permission to nominate your product.

Number of Entries

An organization may enter as many new products as it wishes. Each will be judged on its own merits.

However, the volume of entries won’t necessarily guarantee the company will win. Target entries carefully.

NB: If you are entering several products, you will need to complete a separate form for each entry.

Entry Process

Entrants must complete the official application form and provide documented.

For more information you can contact 

Jonathan Almeida – Project Manager
Tel : +971 55 6584264
E-mail :