(Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability)

The conference is created with the vision of providing the latest market information and greatest beverage technological solutions. The conference is well-designed for industry leaders, suppliers, decision makers, buyers, institutions, market analysts to achieve a comprehensive overview of the latest water & beverage trends and developments across all continents. It will present the latest innovative technologies for packaging, bottling, labelling, closure & molding businesses.

Territory Circle

  • Process of introducing Beverages in Dubai
  • Guidelines for the Validation of Beverage Safety Control Measure
  • Disaster Management
  • Market/data and new platforms for partnerships
  • Building Successful brands
  • Global Regulation and information from source to shelves

The Manufacturing Circle (Plastic, Tetra pack and Cans)

  • The Creation of plastic pellets and bottle pre-forms
  • Innovation and New technologies
  • PET durable, lightweight ,Moulding and filling

Water Treatment, Ingredients and Mixing Circle

  • Reducing chemical formation during water treatment
  • Next Generation of ingredients Contact Coatings
  • Zero or low artificial sweeteners/colours
  • New trends and technology for mixing ingredients

Packaging and Labelling Circle

  • Innovation in Packaging
  • Sustainable Packaging Coalition to measure the availability of recycling
  • Best Practices
  • Various solutions for more effective secondary packaging
  • Aseptic packaging

Safe Beverage Circle

  • QA and QC
  • Process technology for safe beverages
  • Logistics and mobility

The Sustainability Circle

  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Recycle and renewable resources

Who Will Attend?

  • Beverage Producers: Manufacturers and Processors.
  • Wholesales & Retail Merchants
  • Beverage Marketers, Traders & Sales Agents.
  • Importers.
  • Beverage product engineer.
  • Distributors of Cleaning and Filling Systems for Beverage Bottles and
  • Containers and Dispensing Systems.
  • Dispensing & Cooling Systems, Vending Machines Manufacturers.
  • Beverage Brand Owners.
  • Franchisers.
  • Regional Purchasing Executives.
  • Raw Beverage Material Providers e.g. Fruit Extracts, Sweeteners, Syrup, Flavorings in Concentrate and Other Additives.
  • Beverage System Suppliers of: Degassing and Carbonation Equipments, Dosing and Mixing Systems, Cooling and Heating Systems, Homogenizing Systems.
  • Supporting Group: Beverage Logistic, Storage and Warehousing Services and IT & Transportation Solutions.
  • Industrial Consulting and Supporting Services Providers.
  • Hotel Groups.
  • Caterers & Restaurants.
  • Trading & Regional Import Associations.
  • Beverage Associations/ Alliances.
  • Trade, Business, and Beverage Industrial Magazine & Media.
  • Student from University and related institutions.